Semi-auto gluing machine (high speed)

Semi-auto gluing machine (high speed)

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Semi-automatic gluing machines (high speed).


After a period of automatic counting, completes the product number (1-99)set according to the number of points can be folded to the conveyor end, convenient for tying.

Fan air drying function. To speed up the carton glue, reduce bad product.

Semi-auto glued machine to make finished products easily just by two person operating, neat, simple and convenient operation, reduce the wage.

The middle flap function, effectively avoid the cartons, the phenomenon of the cutting knife.

Equipped with Taiwan gear speed reducer for smooth operation.

Taiwan made push button switch, trip-switch and terminal units.

Taiwan (Yangming) photo electric switches, counters and (Shilin) contactor.

The middle induction photo electric made (Japan).

The conveyor belt from Taiwan.

Glue head are an imported part for the whole precision machining, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.